GAMCA medical result report approved medical centers. GCC-member countries Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain have required a Medical Fitness Certificate. The Labour Market Regularity Authority(LMRA) of Bahrain provides the facility to check GAMCA medical result report online. Immigrant workers get test reports from GAMCA-approved medical centers.

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Who needs a GAMCA Medical Report?

Before obtaining a visa to work in the Gulf, people who plan to build their careers there must prove that they are medically fit. This is done at the Gulf Approved Medical Association’s (GAMCA), center.

These centers are also known by the names GAMCA Medical Centre or Gulf Approved Medical Centers. It is possible to make an appointment on the website for a medical exam. The system will issue a slip once you have paid the GAMCA medical testing fee. This slip will remain valid until the appointment date. You will then need to visit the Centre to have a test performed according to your appointment. You don’t need an appointment to visit the nearest GAMCA center.

GAMCA Medical Result 2023 Report Check Online

GAMCA medical result report 2023

Steps to check your GAMCA medical status online:

  1. You will first need to visit the official GAMCA online medical status check website (GCCHMC). Below is the link to the official website:

  1. You can choose from any one of the options.
  2. You have two options: either choose the passport option, enter your passport details into the empty space, or you can select your nationality.
  3. You can also choose the GCC slip option, and enter the slip number as well as your nationality.
  4. Enter the Captcha code into the box. To refresh the code, you can use the arrow button.
  5. After you’ve selected the option that interests you and completed all details, click on “Generate”.

You can view your GAMCA medical result report online. This includes all of your personal information. You can view your medical report status under the section “Medical Examination Details”.

Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association

GAMCA (Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association) was established to provide medical examinations for expatriates who are preparing to enter the Labor Market in GCC countries. The association provides an electronic platform that allows health results to be shared electronically with all interested organizations via their website.

How can you check your GAMCA medical result report?

The test report is usually issued by the Gulf-approved medical center within 24 hours. This is the time to check your GAMCA medical reports online. You can access your GAMCA test reports online. This is also known as a check medical status procedure or an online free medical report.

GAMCA Medical Report Documents

Your medical slip number is the only document required to check your GAMCA medical reports online. You can use your passport number if it isn’t available.

GAMCA Pakistan, gulf approved medical center

GAMCA Pakistan has medical centers in all major cities. You can check your nearest GAMCA center from this table.

Advanced Diagnostic Center Lahore 86-Shadman, Behind Bank Al-Falah. 042 3755 4259
Canal View Diagnostic Center Lahore 4 A/1 Noon Avenue Old Muslim Town. 042 3586 3341
Bismillah Diagnostic Center Rawalpindi Office # 171, Street # 6, Race Course Wastridge1. 0515174223
Al-Barakat Diagnostic Center Multan 677 E – Shah Rukh Alam Colony. 061 778338 / 0092 61 552164
Alaq Medical & Diagnostic Center Gujranwala Green House, Allah Bakhsh Colony, Kashmir Road. 055 4244393
Al-Hilal Medical Diagnostic Center Karachi D-9, PECHS Block 6 Near Hotel Faran, Shahrah-e-Faisal
AL-Khair Medical Center Peshawar Khair Mohammed Plaza First Floor, Opposite State Bank
Iqra Medical Complex Lahore 5-A Johar Town, Lahore. 04235173800
Al Shifa International Islamabad Sector H-8/4 Islamabad

Complete the Procedure to Get Visa Protector

  • Next, select your country and click “I am not a robot”
  • Click on the “Search” button to access GAMCA Medical Report Online.

In what country can you access the GAMCA medical result report online?

GAMCA stands for ”Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association.” This test report is valid for Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar visas. People usually search for ‘GAMCA medical to UAE visa’ or ‘GAMCA Medical for Dubai visa’.

You can check the GAMCA medical result report online

This can be done in Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh. It is known as “check medical status Pakistan” in Pakistan. To search for it online from India, use the keyword “GAMCA medical report check online India”.

How to edit a passport medical report online?

These are the steps to take to get started using our professional PDF editor.

  • Register to create an account. Register a profile by clicking on Start Free Trial.
  • Upload a file. Click Add New to upload a file. Click Edit.
  • Online medical report editing form. You can arrange and rotate pages, insert new or altered texts, add objects and use other useful tools. To apply the changes, click Done and return to your Dashboard. To access merging, splitting, and locking or unlocking functions, go to the Documents tab.
  • Save your file. Select it from the list. Next, move the pointer to right and choose one of the many exporting options: Save it in multiple formats, Email it, Download it as a PDF or Save it to the Cloud.

PDFFiller makes it much easier to work on documents. Sign up to create an account and you can try it for yourself.

Free Online Medical Report Check

These facilities are also known as GAMCA Medical Centers or Gulf-Approved Medical Centers. The website allows you to make an appointment for a medical checkup. Once you’ve made the payment, you’ll receive a receipt detailing how much you paid for the GAMCA exam. Once you have made the payment, you will need to visit the Center in order to take a test. You don’t need to make an appointment to stop by the GAMCA office. The GAMCA test report can be viewed and downloaded online. You can refer to it as a free, unrestricted, or restricted medical report check or a medical status review.

What is the GAMCA GCCHMC fitness status?

The status FIT indicates that you have been accepted by the GAMCA. To view your medical record with lmra GAMCA and GCCHMC, you don’t need an account. Navigate to using your browser. Once the homepage loads, click on the services button.

What is the best way to get my Indian medical records?

You can make requests verbally, in writing, or in person. Ennis stated that in a typical situation, one would call the health provider to request a copy of the record. After signing a release, however, Ennis’s process was quite different.

What is the average time it takes to receive medical results?

It is directly related to the severity and duration of the underlying medical condition. You might get it done in as little time as three weeks or as long as six. We will make every effort possible to send you your findings as soon as possible. Learn more about medical exams.

What is a Medical Report?

A medical expert will complete a medical exam and then write a formal document called a “medical report” to record their findings.

What medical tests are required for Saudi Iqama patients?

  • Examine Your Vision. Both Left and Right Eyes.
  • Audiological Evaluation
  • Examining one’s blood pressure
  • Examine the chest and the heart
  • Abdomen check-up
  • Dermatologic and Venereal Diseases: Checkup
  • Disorders of Mind

How do I view my Covid 19 results online from Saudi Arabia?

The final steps to complete the service

  1. Go to the Apple Store or Google Play link to download the Sehaty App.
  2. The Sehaty app may be downloaded here.
  3. Enter the information you need
  4. You should make an appointment
  5. Respect the appointment time and place you have previously set.
  6. The app or text message may allow you to receive the COVID-19 results.

How do I check GAMCA on the LMRA website?

  1. Navigate to using your browser. Once the homepage loads, search for the services option and then click on it.
  2. Choose ‘GAMCA’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. The Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association logo will appear at the top of a new page.
  4. Two methods can be used to check GAMCA.
  5. You can choose the method that takes the least effort, using either the slip number or the passport number of the expatriate.

How do I print a GAMCA slip?

This is the GAMCA Health Team. GCC Slips can only be purchased for bookings made through

  1. Full Name
  2. GAMCA Members Provide Email Address
  3. Confirmation email address for GAMCA registered email address

How do I get a Gamca certificate?

How to obtain a GAMCA medical certificate

  1. Schedule an appointment to have the GAMCA medical examination.
  2. Go straight to the hospital: Once you know the address, go there immediately.
  3. Pay for the necessary medical expenses: At the medical center, you will be required to pay GAMCA medical fees

What is GAMCA?

GAMCA is the acronym for Gulf Approved Medical Centers Association. It was created to provide medical screenings to expect looking to enter the GCC labor market.

How do you cancel the GAMCA appointment?

After you’ve booked our service, there is an option to cancel. However, if your GCC Slip has not arrived within 48 hours, you will be charged $500.

After $500 is deducted as a cancellation fee, you can request a refund. The remaining amount will be credited to your account within 7-10 business days.

When can I take the Test to Pass?

You will receive a slip when you complete your form. The slip will be valid for 21 days. You can choose a date to expire. You will not be able to choose the center you want. By default, you will be assigned a center that is closest to your location. Find the nearest GAMCA center.

What are Medical Tests?

There are two types of tests. There is the laboratory test. A second test is the physical. The medical tests include a Urine-sugar and Blood test for blood groupings and Haemoglobin.

A physical test, as the name implies, is about testing your physical health. The physical test checks your height, weight, and pulse. Notes are made about your history of drug allergy and surgery. Both eyes are examined. A checkup for color blindness is done. Signs of psychiatric disorders and vision problems are also noted.

GAMCA Medical Fee

GAMCA charges a different fee for medical care when applying for a Saudi Visa. It can range from SR 300 to SR 300.

How to Pass The Exam?

Before you go to a GAMCA exam, you should have a medical checkup if you are unsure about passing the medical test. Your trusted doctor should perform a thorough checkup to ensure that all parameters are being measured. Ask him for his advice on the reports. If you have any questions, he will help you. You will feel secure with this approach.

This is important because once you have been declared medically unfit, you will not be able to take the test again. If you truly want to travel to the Gulf countries to work, be cautious.

What is GAMCA? GCC Approved Medical Centers Association

GCC Approved Medical Centers Association is the full form of GAMCA. GAMCA medical exam is required for those who wish to travel to GCC countries (Saudi Arabian, Oman Bahrain, Kuwait, Kuwait, Qatar, and Kuwait) for work purposes.

For foreign workers, guidelines for the Gulf medical test are required

First: Any significant past illness history:

A) Nervous System

  • The applicant should not have had any neurological or nervous disease in the past, during any time period, such as epilepsy or melancholia.
  • Similarly, He should be free of clinical signs or symptoms that could indicate the presence or development of neurological or nervous diseases.

B) Allergy:

  • All types of allergies or symptoms indicating illness should be absent from the applicant.

Second: Medical Examination:

Visual Acquity:

  • The applicant’s visual acquit must be appropriate for the job they will be performing. Keep in mind that drivers and other jobs which require sharp vision, such as driving, should not be below 6/6 or 9 with or without eyeglasses.
  • The visual field and eye vision should be normal. There should be no squinting or near-vision impairment.
  • Contagious eye diseases, such as (granular, purulent, and trachoma), should be avoided. Hearing:
  • The hearing ability of the applicant should be normal. They should also not have any infections in their inner or middle ears.

CLINICAL ENGINEERING: Blood pressure should be within normal limits.

Heart: regular heartbeats and normal heart function are essential.

Lungs: The applicant should not have bronchial asthma or any other lung disease. A chest X-ray should show that the applicant has no Tuberculosis.

Abdomen: The applicant should not have any hernias (either umbilical, inguinal, or other types) or ascites. However, the internal organs must be healthy and should not be enlarged.

Exceptions: Extremities must be free of congenital and pathological abnormalities. Legs should be free of Varieties and the vertebral column free from abnormalities or prolapse.

Skin: The applicant should not have any leprotic or other chronic skin conditions such as (Eczema or psoriasis), or any other skin diseases like (chronic tinea) and (other fungal skin infections, or scabies).


A) The applicant should be free of any rheumatic conditions, lymphoid or thyroid gland enlargements, or any other apparent tumors.

B) For females: The applicant should not be pregnant (more than seven months), and should be free of all types of vaginal bleeding and uterine prolapse.

C) VENEREAL DISEASES: The applicant should not have any clinical signs or symptoms for any venereal diseases, both clinically or laboratory (TPHA/VDRL or any other type of analysis).

3) Laboratory Investigations

1. Urine: Complete urine analysis will be done, subject to the following conditions: It must not contain sugar, insulin, or bilharzia, except in endemic regions.

2. Stool: A stool analysis should be done to determine if there are any gastrointestinal parasites in the stool. To ensure that the stool is free of salmonella, Shigella, and cholera (in endemic regions), a stool culture should be performed.

3. Blood: A complete picture of the blood shall be taken on the condition that results are within normal limits and that the hemoglobin percentage is not less than.10g/100ml

B- To ensure that malaria does not exist, a film must be taken.

C- A necessary analysis should be performed to determine the level of sugar in your blood. This percentage should not exceed the norm.

4) Serology should include:

A- Verify that the applicant isn’t infected with HIV through Elisa. The test results must be non-reactive.

B- HBsAg or Anti-HCV should be considered “Negative.”

C- Liver function tests: SGPT & SGOT should be within the normal range.

D- Kidney Function Test (creatinine), should yield normal results.


Infectious Diseases

1- HIV AIDS Reactive.

2- Hepatitis (B) Surface Antigen Positive and Anti-HCV.

3- Microfilaria Positive & Malaria Blood Film Positive.

4- Known Leprosy Patients

5) Tuberculosis of any type.

A- Pulmonary by chest radiograph showing past or active evidence of T.

B- including minimum Fibrosis, Pleural thickening, and calcification.

C- Tuberculosis Pleural Effusion.

D- Tuberculosis Lymphadenitis.

6) Venereal Diseases and VDRL Positive.

Non-Infectious Diseases

1- Chronic Renal Failure

2- Chronic Hepatic Failure

3- Congestive Heart Failure

4- Uncontrolled Hypertension

5- Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus

6- A case of known cancer

7- Psychiatric Disorders and Neurological Disorders

8- Physical Disability ex. Color blindness for drivers, deafness, etc.

9- Any major operation

10- Hemoglobin lower than 10 mg/dl Other

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