DigiSkills.pk Registration 2024 Batch 9 10 11

Digiskills.pk Registration 2024 Batch 9, 10, 11 it’s the best opportunity to get a certificate and learn new things. Digiskills is the most extensive national program that offers freelancing skills. Almost 1.5 Million people have imparted opportunities on this platform. The candidate who is interested can find their field of interest. The government of Pakistan trains millions of freelancers by the Digiskills platform.

The registration is open for Batch9,10,11.Simply the candidates sign up on the official website @www.digiskills.pk/Register.aspx. You create the account on-site and then access and enroll yourself in any course without any cost. Create an account by valid email & mobile number. Again, log in to your created Digiskills account and select the following two from the courses offered. Digiskills LMS is starting a new semester with a new freelancing program for the year. 

Method of registration on Digiskills.pk

Signing up is as simple as providing basic information regarding your biodata, such as name and gender, phone number, etc. After you sign up, you’ll be eligible to enroll in two of the listed courses. The course is mandatory for trainers enrolling in the program for the first time.

DigiSkills.pk Registration 2024 Batch 9 10 11

DigiSkills.pk Registration 2024

Digiskills Registration 2024

The Digiskills LMS is starting a new year by launching the new year’s freelancing program Batch 02 based on DSTP 2.0 registration for free courses available in 2024. The Digiskills provides the best opportunity for students to earn money from the comfort of their home. The Digiskills registration process is immediately closed once the position is filled. I would recommend that you join the Digiskills website instantly.

Digital skills.pk Registration

The Digitalskills certification issued by LMS will be presented to all students who have completed this course and achieved great success. If you don’t have this, you will not be eligible to receive any certification. The certificate is digital, or you can use an online copy in a printed copy. I suggest downloading the digiskills program, which is highly beneficial to watch the videos in the program that is free for training.

Digital Skills. Pk Registration 2024

Initially, I’d be pleased to introduce the principal classes that Digitalskills provides for free. The courses are developed by expert and experienced experts. The deadline to register at digiskills to enroll is the 1st day of June 2024.

DigitalSkills Course Registration For Batch-2 Enrollment 2024

Digiskills.pk registration 2024

DigitalSkills 2024’s new batch is now accepting enrollment, beginning on June 1, 2024. There are 250,000 seats available to download free DigitalSkills courses on the internet at your convenience. Registration is entirely on a first come, first served basis. Therefore, to avoid wasting time, click the link below and register your details.

Which one do we suggest to you?

Many courses are on the site, but the current subjects include management, e-commerce, the digital market, artistic design, and VA virtual assistants, among the top classes.

List of Digi Skill Courses 2024

Digi Skills provides web-based tutoring in Freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, Word Press, Graphic Design, Creative Writing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

  • Realistic Designing
  • Outsourcing
  • WordPress
  • Experimental writing
  • Computerized Literacy
  • Internet Business Management
  • Auto Cad
  • Website design enhancement
  • Fast Books
  • Computerized Marketing

LMS Digiskills Courses List 2024 New

We are providing here a list of courses offered by Digiskills Pakistan;

  1. Freelancing
  2. SEO
  3. Graphic Designing
  4. WordPress
  5. Creative Writing
  6. E-Commerce
  7. AutoCAD
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Digital Literacy
  10. Quick Books

New Course

  1. E-Commerce Management
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Video Editing, Animation & Vlogging
  4. Data Analytics & Business Intelligence
  5. Communication & Soft Skills
  6. Virtual Assistant

Digi Skill Registration for Graphic Designing

You can pursue this program by visiting https://digiskills.pk/Register.aspx. Once you have signed up, you can look at any two courses. Outsourcing is a required course for those signing to the system (s) fascinatingly.

Enlistments will be based on a First Come, First Served premise.

Digiskills Batch 11 Enrollment Date

Due to the overwhelming student interest, DigiSkills Training Program takes this opportunity to inform you that we do not accept any liability for you if you do not have the chance to enroll before the time that seats become unoccupied. DigiSkills Training Program has opened registration for Batch 01 starting January 7, 2024. The total number of seats is allocated. Seats are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Digiskills Batch 12 Enrollment Date

How do I sign up for Batch 12? DigiSkills Training Program will be accepting applications in DSTP 2.0 Batch 01 starting on January 7, 2024, at 11:00 am.

Digital Skill Registration 2024 Last Date

Prime Secretary Shahid Khaqan Abbassi launched Digital Skills (DigiSkills.pk) Training Program on July 4, 2024. The purpose of this program is to give 1,000,000 students the chance to prepare for the possibility of employment utilizing technology.

Digital Skill Registration for Graphic Designing

You can sign up for this program by visiting https://digiskills.pk/Register.aspx. After signing up, you can participate in two courses you want to attend. The course is mandatory for trainees who enroll for this course(s) in the very first instance. The enrollment process will be subject to a First Come, First Served basis.

Freelancing Registration 2024 DigiSkill

A vast array of classes offered by DigiSkills include freelancing, E-Commerce Management, Digital Marketing, Digital Literacy, QuickBooks, AutoCAD, WordPress, Graphics Design, Creative Writing, and SEO new digital.

LMS Digiskills Login:

The first step is getting registered with the Digiskills LMS login window. If you’re new to joining digiskill’s LMS, you must provide four basic pieces of information below.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Password

Digiskills handouts are available through the LMS portal. The courses are all delivered online, meaning you only need an internet connection and your laptop/computer to work from home. Once you have completed the course and gained new skills, you could earn a living as a freelancer via the internet, offering services related to your learning talent. Once you’ve completed the registration process, your next task is registering for free classes.

Digiskills Enrollment Batch-02:

The registration process for Digiskills has begun. Digi Skills program has been initiated. Digiskills offers you the option of two courses per session you can choose. If you’re a beginner in the field, select the first option, freelancing, and the other option available from the abovementioned options. When you sign up for the digiskills portal, you will be provided with three major parts that are listed below:

  1. Videos Tutorials / Hands-on Exercises
  2. Practical Assignments
  3. Quiz

Digiskills Videos / Hands-On Exercises:

If registered with Digiskills and enrolled in the Digiskills training courses, the videos for free are released automatically every week. They exercise hands for students. It is essential to set a schedule for watching these videos every day. Otherwise, you’ll have to take on numerous obligations at any given time.

Digiskills Assignments:

You will submit assignments after 15 days because the course is expected to be completed within 3 months. Each assignment is worth 10 marks, and you need to earn around 7 from 10.

Digiskills Quiz:

Through these assignments, Digiskills gives you exams every 15 days of videos. The quiz pattern is simple, as long as you can watch and listen to the video and take notes in dairy, you can get excellent marks on the Digiskills test. Each quiz is worth 10 marks. It is necessary to get 7 marks.

Digiskills E-Certificate ( Course Completion Criteria):

It’s very simple once you finish the course, and Digiskills sends you an e-Certificate as an incentive. However, it is essential to know that you must be able to complete the course successfully. Learn about the requirements for the course

All trainees must achieve a minimum of 50% marks to be eligible to receive an electronic certificate. All videos, quizzes, and Hands-on Exercises include a total score of 100 marks.

The ability to watch topical Videos via Digi Skills ‘ LMS equals 60%

Quizzes = 25%

Hands-on Exercises = 15%

Information About Digiskills Program

Digiskills Pakistan Fourth Biggest Online Internet Training Program For Freelancing With Estimated Registered Number Of Online Freelancers Running In A Few Many Thousands. Pakistan Top Outsourcing Coach In A Joint Effort With the Virtual University Of Pakistan Most Of The Work Done

It is For Global Customers; hence Money Received By Them Is Taken Into The Country, Mostly As Unfamiliar Settlements. Digiskills The E Rozgar Learning program for Every Day To Learn and get a better job to Maintain each day.

While Exact Information On Cash Brought By Freelancers Is Not Available, Gauges Range From $ 500 Million To $ 1.3 Billion Every Year. Biggest Scale Public Digital Skills Digiskills Training Program The Ministry Of Information Technology brought About, Has Dispatched The Nation Over To Offer 1 Million Digiskills Program Training Later On For Work Utilizing Innovation.

The Digiskills Program: Is Pointed Toward Preparing Our Childhood, Specialists, Understudies Housewives Experts And So On With Information Aptitudes Instruments and strategies Important To Take Advantage Of The Lucky Breaks Accessible Globally In online commercial centers just as locally to make money. What’s more, on the other hand VU Virtual University Of Pakistan has been chosen to execute the preparation program through the ignite-national technology fund.

Eligibility Criteria for Digiskills Courses

Male/Female Both Are Eligible To Apply.

  • Basic Computer Knowledge (Internet Browsing)
  • Qualification Minimum Inter/Graduation/Master
  • Age Limits Should Must Between 18 -35 Years
  • Valid CNIC
  • Pakistani Nationality Holders

DigiSkills Batch 8 Enrollment Date

Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm shown by students, DigiSkills Training Program takes this opportunity to inform you that we do not accept any liability for you if you are not granted the chance to apply due to seats being filled up before. DigiSkills Training Program has opened the application process for Batch 08, which will begin on September 3, 2020.

How to Apply for Digiskills Courses Training Program Batch 9

To enroll or apply for online courses, be completed following the steps below and then submit an online form to submit.

Digiskills Sign up for Online Registration Digiskills Courses

Open the digiskills official website link given https://www.digiskills.pk/Register.aspx and Enter the following information

  • Enter First Name
  • Enter Last Name
  • Enter Your Email Address
  • Enter Password

Digiskills LMS login After signing up, log in to digiskills LMS using this link https://lms.digiskills.pk/ where you select courses and manage your profile.

Digiskills LMS Create Profile

It is necessary to fill out your profile to be enrolled in the courses you want to take, With the completion of your profile, you should be required to submit your biodata in the following format.

  • Personal Information
  • Qualification/Experiences
  • Proficiency/Interests

Digiskills Courses Important Instruction

  • Around 230,000 Seats Plus 20,000 Reserved Seats For Learners From Baluchistan Will Be Open In This Batch That Will Be Complete On A First-Come, First-Served Basis.
  • Total Allocated Seats Are Filled Up Before The Closing Date Then The Enrollments Will Be Closed.
  • Individuals Can Enroll In Only 2 Courses From Out Of 10 Courses
  • It Is Fixed For Newly Registered Trainees To Enroll In The Freelancing Course.
  • Trainees Eligible To Enroll In 2 Courses.
  • The Last Date Of Enrollments Is January 30, 2024.

How to sign up for Batch No. 11?

DigiSkills Training Program will be accepting applications for Batch 11 on Tuesday, September 1 2024by 11:00 am.

There are 230,000 seats, and the reserved seats of 20,000 for students from Balochistan and Balochistan, of which 5000 seats have been set aside for South Balochistan, will be available in this batch which is filled on a first-come basis, first-served basis. Be sure to apply before the time seats are taken!

The enrollment process will continue until September 30, 2024. If the total seats have been filled by this date, then enrollment will close, and no additional seats will be available. Trainees can enroll in two courses simultaneously from the 10 courses provided by DigiSkills.pk. It is required for newly admitted trainees to take the freelancing program. They may choose to take the second option of their own. Participants from the previous batch can also enroll in two courses. Batch 11 will begin on October 4, Monday 2024. Insha Allah!

On October 4, 2024, you’ll be able to access the first week’s material in the Learning Management System (LMS) by 11:00 am.

For more information on how to use LMS, click HERE.

How do I watch videos on LMS?

  1. Login to https://lms.digiskills.pk/
  2. You can find the courses you are enrolled in directly from within the Home Screen on your LMS under the “My Courses (Batch-11)” section. Click on the course you wish to view, and you’ll be taken onto”Topic Content” under the “Topic content” tab. You can view the Videos of this week.
  3. To access the next topic’s video to view the next topic video, click on the “Next Topic” link available at the top of the right.

To view the videos from current and past weeks:

  1. After you have logged in to your LMS account, click the “Course Website” icon under the “My Courses (Batch-11)” section.
  2. You will find the subjects of the previous and current weeks under the ‘Course topics Tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Week’ the week you wish to view videos.
  4. Click on any topic and take users into the “Topic Content” tab. There you can view the video.
  5. To view the next video on the topic, click on the “Next Topic” link available on the top right of the screen.

What are the requirements to obtain an E-certificate in any course DigiSkills.pk?

Based on the criteria for course completion, students must achieve a 50% score to be eligible for an E-certificate.

Each part (Video the Quiz, Video, and Hands-on exercise) is assigned a specific percentage of the score of 100. The percentages are as follows: below:

  1. Video Topics that you can watch via LMS = 60 60%
  2. Quizzes = 25%
  3. Hands-on Exercises = 15%


If you can watch 70% of the videos, try 60% of the tests, and complete 50% of the Hands-on exercises, your score will be:

  1. Video score 42
  2. Quiz score: 15
  3. Exercise score: 7.5

Overall score 64.5 (eligible to receive an E-certificate)

Digiskills.pk Contact Information

Digiskills Website www.digiskills.pk
Digiskills Contact No. 0304-111-1570
Digiskills Email [email protected]
[email protected]
Digiskills Address M.A. Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

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