Date Sheet of 11th Class 2024 Lahore Board Check Exam Schedule

Date Sheet of 11th Class 2024 BISE Lahore Board All Information like the result Date Sheet 2024 paper scheme and more are available on this website. If any students require any notes, students should contact us directly via the Facebook page. We will respond to any questions and mail the date Sheet 2024. It is expected that the BISE The Lahore Board Of Directors will update the 11th Class on July 21, 2024. It is expected that the Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee will soon announce the dates for the class 11th of BISE Lahore Committee in 2024.11th Class Date Sheet 2024 BISE Lahore Board.


11th Class 1st Year Date Sheet BISE Lahore Board

The majority of admission announcements for Grade 11 students in 2024 will be released in June, a month before the test. It is highly recommended that students stay in touch through our website as will inform you immediately after the date sheet has been received. Make sure to prepare for the exam at the earliest possible time.

It is also possible to view the data table through the website. The date table is an essential element in the preparation for the test since after the announcement of the date table students begin to study and adhere to their schedule. Students begin to study for the subjects they believe require more focus and also how long they will need to cover the entire syllabus. It is suggested that students create an agenda of study that is based on the specific dates listed in the calendar. offers internal date sheets as well as paper partners that can help students prepare for the test.

Date Sheet of 11th Class 2024 Lahore Board Check Exam Schedule

Date Sheet of 11th Class 2024 Lahore Board Check Exam Schedule

Lahore Board 11 Class Exam Schedule

Date Day Subject Paper Subject paper
06/07/2023 Wednesday Psychology 11th Class Geography ( Old Course )
Geography ( New Course )
11th Class
07/07/2023 Thursday Chemistry
Library Science
11th Class Chemistry ( 2nd Group )
Chemistry ( Home Economics Group )
11th Class
08/07/2023 Friday History (All Options) 11th Class Outline Of Economics
( Time 2:30 PM )
11th Class
14/07/2023 Thursday Islamic Studies ( Elective )
(1st Group)
Principles of Accounting
(Commerce Group)
11th Class Islamic Studies ( Elective )
(2nd Group)
11th Class
15/07/2023 Friday Mathematics ( 1st Group )
Biology (1st Group )
11th Class Mathematics ( 2nd Group )
Biology (2nd Group )
Biology ( Home Economics )
( Time 2:30 PM )
11th Class
16/07/2023 Saturday Civics
Business Mathematics
(Commerce Group )
11th Class Fine arts ( Theory )
Clothing & Textile
( Home Economics Group )
11th Class
18/07/2023 Monday English ( Compulsory )
(1st Group )
11th Class English ( Compulsory )
(2nd Group )
11th Class
19/07/2023 Tuesday Computer Science 11th Class Philosophy 11th Class
20/07/2023 Wednesday Punjabi
Principles of Commerce
( Commerce Group )
11th Class Persian
English ( Elective )
Urdu ( Advanced )
11th Class
21/07/2023 Thursday Physics ( 1st Group )
Health & Physical Education
11th Class Physics ( 2nd Group )
Home Management
( Home Economics Group )
11th Class
22/07/2023 Friday Education ( 1st Group )
Principles of Economics
( Commerce Group )
11th Class Education ( 2nd Group )
( Time 2:30 PM )
11th Class
23/07/2023 Saturday Economics 11th Class Sociology 11th Class
25/07/2023 Monday Urdu ( Compulsory)
( 1st Group )
11th Class Urdu ( Compulsory) ( 2nd Group )
Pakistan Culture
11th Class
26/07/2023 Tuesday Islamic Education ( Compulsory)
( 1st Group )
( Time 8:30 AM to 10:30 Am )
11th Class Islamic Education ( Compulsory)
( 2nd Group )
Civics ( Compulsory ) For ( Non Muslims )
( Time 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM )

1st Year Date Sheet 2024 BISE Lahore Board Download Online

BISE admission and date sheet forms are available. It is concerned with the accessibility of all the information related to obligations, responsibilities, and applicants. Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is the biggest educational platform in Pakistan. Pakistan was established in 1947. Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education is the biggest educational platform in the world. The first step is to improve the standard of education in a massive way. Furthermore, the Matriculation and Intermediate exams were initially conducted on the campus of Punjab University, Lahore. However, in 1955, following the Punjab University Act of 1945, an entirely different BISE system was created.

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They adhere to the timetable of the timetable following when the announcer of their date sheets. For students needing a date sheet, it is mandatory and a detailed timetable should be prepared. Students of the 11th class in 2024 are waiting with bated breath for their date sheets 2024 from the exams for the 11th class. Students are advised to check to get the latest information regarding the date sheet as well as their annual examinations. Date sheets will be uploaded on our website. To better prepare students for examinations in the age of technology. We offer students a digital platform. students, allowing them to quickly track their time using mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be an 11th-board examination in 2024?

This CBSE test date is 2024. for Classes 10 and 12 will begin on February 15th, 2024. The date sheet for Class 10 and 12 CBSE 2024 will be made available in December 2024.

What date is the matric exam in 2024?

Following the schedule released by PBCC, The Matric exams in Punjab will commence on April 8, 2024. Exams for classes 10 and 11 will be held simultaneously.

What is the format of the board exam in 2024?

Exams for the board would comprise 80 marks per subject, which would cover all of the syllabi for class 1st year only. Both marks and grades are awarded for specific subject areas. A grading system of 9 points would be used. The written test is limited to three subjects during the academic year.

What is the exact date of the 1st year paper 2024?

The deadline for 1st Year papers is 10/05/2023.

What is the date for 1st Year’s results Lahore board?

BISE Gujranwala Board 1st year Annual Result 2024 will be released on December 2024, at 10:00 am.

Does the date sheet appear to be the same for all affiliate Boards of Lahore?

Yes, the date sheet for class 11th is identical for all Boards that are linked to Lahore Board.

What is the date for the release of this data book for 11th grade in 2024?

The anticipated month of release of dates for 11th grade is April 2024.

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