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Chinese Government Scholarship is a Chinese university program established by the Ministry of Education of China to promote exceptional international talent and help expand its vision of higher education. Do The scholarships aim to promote mutual friendship between the Chinese people and people from all over the world, promote science education and technology, and improve exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture?

It is also the aim of China to increase the communication between people and other countries due to China’s scholarship and to produce outstanding talents from all over the world. SCUT offers 70 scholarship opportunities for postgraduate students in the Chinese Government Scholarship Program. Chinese Government Scholarships for Dalian University of Technology (DUT) Students Pursuing Masters or Doctoral Degrees from 2024 – Scholarships are offered by Chinese universities.

Chinese Government Scholarship Registration online

• Chinese Government Scholarship Registration online

Chinese Government Scholarship Apply Online

To increase interpersonal communication and understanding between the people from China and other countries to develop exceptional talents from all over the globe, SCUT offers around 70 scholarships for full-time postgraduate students who are part of the Chinese Government’s Scholarship Program. Dalian University of Technology (DUT) gives students access to the Chinese Government Scholarship Chinese university program for master’s and doctoral students starting in 2024 (not including studies in the arts or literature other languages other than Chinese).

Application Guide for Chinese Government Scholarship

Following the MOE’s instructions, Zhejiang University accepts applications for postgraduate studies that are full-time for the year 2024. Chinese Government Scholarship -Chinese University Program. This program is run through MOE. Ministry of Education of P. R. China (MOE) is accountable for managing Chinese government scholarships. They also appointed the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to supervise the selection of international students and the administration of Chinese Government Scholarship Programs.


To improve the interaction and understanding between Chinese and other people from China and other nations and to develop internationally-renowned talent, SCUT provides around 70 awards to full-time postgraduates under the Chinese government’s scholarship program. The award will use to pay for graduate studies.

Eligibility Requirements of CSC Scholarship 2024

The following are the minimum requirements to be eligible for Chinese Government Scholarships:

  • International student (Not necessarily a Chinese citizen)
  • Not be the holder of a scholarship awarded by the Chinese government or any of its delegations.

Minimum Age Requirement

  • Undergraduate students cannot exceed 25 years of age,
  • For Master’s degrees, the age limit is 35 years old.
  • To earn a Ph.D. degree, the age maximum is 40 years.

Minimum qualification

  • High Secondary School Certificate or equivalent for undergraduate students
  • Bachelor’s Degree required for the Master’s degree
  • Master’s degree to earn that doctoral level.

CSC Scholarship 2024 Benefits

Chinese Government Scholarships provide the recipient with the following advantages:

  1. The Type A CSC Scholarship covers tuition costs, lodging (in an academic residence, in a shared space with a fellow student) and basic medical insurance, and an allowance per month to cover personal costs (between 3500 and 2,500 Yuan each month. roughly 350 USD and 500 USD and 500 USD respectively).
  2. The Type B CSC Scholarships cover the same benefits as those receiving the type A award, apart from the monthly allowance to cover personal costs.
  3. Type C CSC Scholarship is a different kind of partial scholarship with few advantages.
  4. Type A CSC scholarships are more appealing and more competitive because of the huge demand. If you can afford the expenses for living, you should apply for the Type B or the Type C CSC award since it is likely to be more accessible.

How to Apply for CSC Scholarship 2024?

  1. A straightforward application process will assist you in being eligible for the Chinese Government Scholarship. Chinese Scholarships from the Chinese Government. Scholarship.
  2. Dates for Application: The time to apply for the CSC Scholarship typically runs between January and April. Certain authorized institutions or universities have deadlines that are different. It is essential to check the deadlines for the institutions you are interested in.
  3. An application for CSC Scholarship must be submitted via the web (in English or Chinese). You can apply to up to three universities using your CSC Portal account.
  4. In the initial step of the online application, you’ll be asked to select the kind of scholarship you want according to its source of funding (A A, B, or C) as well as the code of the approved agency (or university) (a code you can discover on the internet or will be given by the university you’ve selected).
  5. Once you’ve completed all the required information on the online application form for the Chinese Government Scholarship, you should attach the required documents in the format PDF (the list is below).
  6. Once you have completed your online Chinese Government Scholarship application, download the application.
  7. Choose from the Chinese university and course here.
  8. Find out whether the Chinese University of your choice has an online application required for admission, along with the Chinese Government Scholarship application or not.
  9. If the university you are applying to requires an online application, then fill out the application on the university’s website. Attach the Chinese Government Scholarship application.
  10. Two copies of the documents (list listed below) and send them to the address of the university.
  11. These results are released on the same webpage of the application by the middle of July. After that, the organizations begin to mail all the documents required to obtain the study visa within the candidate’s country.

Recruitment and Notification

  1. CSC will scrutinize all application documents and forward approved ones to the institutions based on the applicants’ preferences. The institutions applying to them will decide if they want to accept the applicants. If the applicant received an acceptance letter from one of the institutions (listed within the Directory) before submitting the application to be considered, please include the pertinent admissions letters as a reference to the institution hosting.
  2. Applications are deemed unqualified and cannot be considered if applicants are not qualified as per the guidelines for hiring or if the application documents are insufficient. Most of the time, finalized placements or specialities and the length of study cannot alter.
  3. The Chinese government will officially acknowledge students accepted for scholarships by Chinese institutions as Chinese Government Scholarship recipients with approval from China’s Ministry of Education of China.
  4. CSC will forward the List of Students Enrolled Admission Notice and Visa Application Form to Study In China (JW201) to the appropriate dispatching authorities before July 31 to ensure that these documents are sent to students.


The scholarship duration will be at least three years for those with Master’s degrees, or the doctorate will last for four years. For the award duration, those who have been granted the scholarship are eligible to receive a from the university they choose each month. Students who enrol before the 15th day of each month are qualified to receive a full monthly stipend. Students who sign-up within the 15th day of the month will be awarded the half-stipend.

The short-term scholarship scheme for Teachers of Chinese as A Second Language

Graduates will receive a stipend of up to half a month after their graduation date. Students who want to enrol in classes that are taught in Chinese must possess a strong understanding of the Chinese language. Suppose they think it is the case that Chinese proficiency isn’t sufficient to meet our school’s professional development standards. In that case, they need to attend one year of Chinese correctional courses and take an exam before starting the course in their area of competence.


Students who have been awarded scholarships will receive their monthly allowance for living upon the date of registration. Students who register before the date of the 15th (15th inclusive) month they signed up will receive all the allowances to live the month. Chinese Cultural Research Fellowship Scheme. Students who sign up after the 15th are entitled to half of the month. After graduation, students receive an additional allowance for the living of 15 days from the date of graduation determined by their school calendar.


International students under the Chinese Government Scholarship Programs are enrolled in the 94 Chinese universities of higher education which have been deemed an institution of higher learning by the MOE. There are more than 300 classes in science and technology, medicine and agriculture and management, economics, law, education and studies in liberal arts and sciences, and the history of the liberal arts and philosophy available to international students at these universities.

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Selection of Higher Education Institutions and Specialties

Students are taking one year of Chinese remedial classes. The length of the scholarship will extend following. The number of this agency assigned to Zhejiang University is 10335. The scholarship offered to students in the Chinese University Program is Type B in the CSC system. The MOE developed this program following educational trade agreements, or MOUs made with the Chinese government and governments from other countries or international organizations.


China has consistently been named one of the top universities in the world to pursue higher education. Many students have graduated from these universities and have been making steady progress in various industries worldwide. To enhance the exchange of knowledge between China as well as Pakistan China and Pakistan, the Chinese Scholarship Council, Govt. of China, offers Pakistani students/scholars the chance to conduct research and studies at Chinese universities.

Chinese Government Scholarship Program

It also boasts a variety of the most prestigious universities around the globe. To benefit the Govt. in Pakistan, HEC is nominating the agency to administer these scholarships for 2024-23 academics. China Scholarship Council (CSC) has been appointed by the Ministry of Education; the People’s Republic of China is accountable for the admission and management of this program. Chinese Government scholarship program.

Level Stipend Criteria

  • Bachelors CNY 2500RMB/month. should be a high-school graduate
  • Master’s CNY 3000 RMB/month. Students must be a Bachelor’s Degree or higher
  • Ph.D. 3500 RMB per month. Students must be Master’s degree holders

Official Website: China Scholarships Council

China is generous in its education policies and awards students from all over the world, both international and national. The accredited Chinese Universities provide a broad array of academic programs, including sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics, Medicine, Legal Studies and Management, Education and Literature, History, Philosophy, Fine Arts, and many more.

Application Approach and Time

The applicants can apply for admission to Chinese diplomatic agencies or local authorities who are responsible for sending students back to the countries they are from. The application typically begins in January and is completed by around April middle. Scholarships are offered to all students. The government seeks to boost education and offer all students an equal opportunity to get an education of top quality that can transform their lives and how they live. Qualified applicants can apply for undergraduate/bachelor, Master & doctoral/Ph.D scholarships. Programs in their respective specializations.

Categories of Applicants and Duration of Scholarship

Duration of Major Studies Duration of Chinese Duration of Scholarship
Undergraduates 4-5 1-2
Master’s degree students 2-3 1-2
Doctoral degree students 3 1-2
Chinese language students 1-2 N.A.
Visiting Scholars 1-2 1
Senior visiting scholars 1-2 1


The program gives full-time and part-time scholarship opportunities to students and scholars from abroad. Students can pursue their studies in China as undergraduates, postgraduates, Chinese language students, visiting scholars, and senior scholars. Candidates may submit applications for scholarship opportunities through the educational authorities and institutions designated by Chinese diplomats in their countries of residence.

Contact Information

China Scholarship Council

Address: No. 160 Fuxingmennei Street, Beijing 100031, P. R. China
Tel:  86-10-66413253, 66413132
Fax: 86-10-66413255
Website: Http://
E-mail: [email protected]


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