Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 Download Application Form

Chief Minister Punjab will announce the Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024. Two days ago, the government of Punjab announced this scheme to the youths of Pakistan. Male and female citizens of Punjab are eligible to apply for Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 & the green colors Suzuki Ravi and Bolan will be divided among the candidates who have been selected. This is an excellent opportunity for young people who are not employed to begin their own venture in the field of transportation. Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 is among the schemes, and currently, the government of Pakistan has begun to accept application forms for the scheme, however, it is expected to begin earlier. You must choose one of Suzuki Bolan or Ravi. The majority of people favor Bolan because it can also be used as a loader.

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 Download Application Form

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024

Apply Here for Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024-23

Punjab A Chief Minister named Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif launched his 2024 employment plan in which a few vehicles will be allotted. A representative from the department of transport, who spoke on condition of anonymity said that qualifications for education and age restrictions were relaxed in December last year.

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 Online Apply

The chief minister of Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif distributed Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 (Self Employment Scheme) automobiles in Model Town Lahore on Saturday. Dunya News reported that while inaugurating the scheme, Chief Minister Shehbaz handed keys out to the lucky winners of the draw.

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024-23 Application Form

The minister stated that the government originally allocated 25 billion rupees to fund the program in the budget 2024. This scheme is scheduled to be 31, billion dollars. 50 000 mini trucks and mini cars will be assigned. Drivers aged between 21 and 35 years old and possessing an official secondary school diploma were eligible to take part in this program. However, most of them were older or did not have a secondary school diploma.

Apni Car Apna Rozgar Scheme

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024

As per the announcement issued by the department that is responsible for managing the department, 152,478 people submitted their interest in submitting applications in the Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024-23 using the application form available online. This is a significant increase over the previous scheme. This is an obvious sign of the trust that people have in the government as well as the importance of schemes that give more opportunities for young people in the country.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme Online Registration

Bank of Punjab scrutinized the candidates and held a draw to select the applicants. Candidates selected are to be given 15 days of training before they can receive the cars. He was required to make an initial amount of Rs 177,000 to receive Suzuki Bolan.

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Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024-23 Last Date to Apply

The people who earn a sum of $ 10,000 per monthly Suzuki Bolan every five years. They won’t be using the vehicle for any other purpose that is listed as part of the plan. Vehicles will be dispersed over various districts in accordance with the percentage of people living there. Districts located in South Punjab are getting 10 percent more allocation.

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 Register Online
CM Punjab Apna Rozgar Application Online
CM Punjab Apni Gari Scheme Register Online
Chief Minister Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024 Application Online
Chief Minister Punjab Apna Rozgar Application Online

Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024-23 Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility criteria must be met to process loans in the Punjab Rozgar Scheme:

  1. Age range: Between 20-50 years old
  2. Gender: Male / Female / Transgender
  3. Resident: A citizen of Pakistan and resident of Punjab Verified through CNIC
  4. Business Location: Punjab
  5. Business Type: Sole Proprietor partnership, or other business that meets other eligibility requirements.
  6. It is essential to have a clean ECB or credit history
  7. For businesses that are just starting out or new
    • The business plan must be viable.
  8. For businesses that are already in operation
    • It is essential to have a business plan that is viable that focuses on sustaining the effects of COVID-19
  9. With Valid CNIC
  10. Other parameters to be defined in the future by Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) or the Government

Terms and Conditions of Apna Rozgar Scheme 2024

Loan limit
  • Up to Rs. 10.00 Million
    • Clean credit: from Rs. 100,000/- to. 1,000,000/-
    • Secured loan:from Rs. 1,000,001/- up to Rs. 10,000,000/-

Under the Punjab Green Development Program, The amount of loans will remain the same. However, priority for loans will go to micro-enterprises that are prepared to implement environmental-friendly technologies and with a minimum of 10 employees.

The purpose of the loan
  • Establishing new businesses
  • Balancing Modernization, Balancing as well as Replacement (BM&R) to existing companies.
  • Working Capital
MSME Sector
  • Manufacturing Trade, Service, and Manufacturing Live Stock, Agriculture, and Manufacturing
  • (Environment Friendly / Quality Improving Micro Enterprises as described above) are also considered under the Punjab Green Development Program)
Processing cost Rs. 2000or more (non-refundable) when submitting your application
Cost of Capital cost of capital to be repaid by the Borrower
  • 4 percent for loans that are clean
  • Secured lend
  • ing at 5%
Perpetuity of credit Repayment Time Between 02 and 05 years with a grace period
Grace period up to six (06) months (However any markups will only be charged in grace periods)
The type of loan A term loan in accordance with the bank’s policies and guidelines for working capital
Debt Equity 80:20 (For males)

90:10 (Women or transgenders, as well as those who are differently disabled)

(Meaning that 20% or 10 percent of the cost will be financed by the lender)

Loans are disbursed In installment(s) in accordance with the approved business plan
Security of the loan 1. Security to ensure Secure Lending

i. Security for loan limit of the amount of Rs. 100,000/- up to Rs. 500,000/-

The Personal Guarantee is the guarantee of the loanee with the net worth statement.

ii. Secured loan limit of Rs. 500,001/- up to Rs. 1,000,000/-

* Personal guarantee of the borrower by at least Third Party guarantor with an overall net worth that is equal to the value of the loan.

( Third Party must be a citizen of Pakistan and a resident of Punjab with an active CNIC and not older than 55 years old. Additionally, the e-CIB for the third party should be in good condition i.e. it should not be a victim of outstanding or written-off record)


* Guarantee from Government employees of BS-10 or above and personal assurance of the lender.

(Departmental guarantee of the employee in government is mandatory)

Net Worth/Wood Definition and calculation criteria

* Net Worth can be as a tangible Asset i.e vehicles or properties and can be determined according to the following criteria:

a. Property can be valued according to its DC rate.


b. The value of the property can be determined using a Wealth Tax declaration.


C. Evaluation conducted by Pakistan Banks Association (PBA) authorized evaluator/agent


d. The valuation of the vehicle should be the invoice price less depreciation (10 percent for each passing year).

2. The security for loans ranges starting at too. 1,000,001/- up to 10,,000,000 /-

Loan of assets

Asset description

a. Residential, Commercial, Industrial, or Agricultural Property vehicle that has a clean title accessible (acceptable by banks) and assessed by an appraiser who is a bank approved in accordance with the bank’s policy.

b. The property must be under the ownership of the borrower or blood relatives of the individuals, proprietors, or partners.

c. Documentation must be made according to the policy of credit at the bank and legal division. The charge or hypothecation of current or fixed assets according to internal or external rules.

Instructions for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024

Dear Applicant,

You need to have clear, scanned copies or images of these documents prior to submitting your application.

  1. Face with a complete picture
  2. Front-side of CNIC
  3. The back side of CNIC
  4. The most recent educational degree or certificate in the event of any is applicable (Matric Intermediate Bachelors, Masters PhD) and so on (if appropriate)
  5. Certificate of Experience certificate(s) (if relevant)
  6. License or Registration through Chamber or Trade Body (if appropriate)
  7. A copy of the Secure Documents that will be provided to the borrower for a loan

It is essential to be prepared with the information below on hand prior to launching the application process:

  1. National Tax Number(non-mandatory), in case you don’t have one please register at https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/
  2. Consumer ID on the Electricity bill that is installed at the address you currently reside in.
  3. Consumer ID of the Electricity bill to be installed at the current address of your office (if appropriate)
  4. The registration number of any vehicle registered under your name (if appropriate)
  5. For new businesses, an estimate of monthly business earnings and expenses for business, household expenses, and other income
  6. In the case of a business that is already operating, real-time monthly business income and expenses for business, household expenses, and other income
  7. Names, CNIC, and Mobile numbers of two other references Blood relatives

Please be aware:

  • This application shall take at least 15 minutes to complete subject to the availability of the above-listed information/documents.
  • The form can be completed in one sitting and in the trenches. You can save sections to be submitted at anytime
  • After the submission of an application, it is not possible to make amendments or modifications will be permitted.
  • Upload as much information as you can e.g. Financial Statements and Business feasibility ( Download Sample Format) as well as the most recent 6 months’ Bank Statement and so on. This will help you assess your application
  • When the application is completed the A Registration Number (ARN) will be displayed on the screen. You will also receive an SMS with the same. Please keep the information safe
  • Visit the branch nearest to you from The Bank of Punjab (BOP) and bring along your Application registration number (ARN) to deposit the processing cost of Rs. 2500/-. Once this is done, the processing of the application begins.
  • To find the nearest branch of The Bank of Punjab (BOP), please visit this link (https://www.bop.com.pk/Branch-Network)
  • You will receive an SMS once your application moves to the next stage of the process, however, you may check the application status on this Link as well (https://rozgar.psic.punjab.gov.pk)
  • A new or fresh application will only be considered if the first application is denied or the first loan is paid off or cleared

Formats for Documents

Note: For any information, please call us at 111-267-200 or email at [email protected]

The applicants will be selected by the transparent process of computerized voting. The quota will be allocated to every district in Punjab. Bank of Punjab will lease yellow taxis. Computerized balloting will take place in front of the media to guarantee complete transparency. A district verification committee (DVC) will check the qualifications of all applicants. Taxis will be available at a discounted rate (40000 less than the market rate). The last time the monthly installment was the number of Rs. 8000. This year the monthly payment for Bolan amounts to the amount of Rs. 10000, and for Ravi, it is the equivalent of Rs. 9000.

Important Note

  • The net price for Suzuki Ravi is Rs. 597,700 while the down payment is 17o,000. Monthly installments will be as low as Rs.9000.
  • The net cost for Suzuki Bolan has been set at Rs. 655,000, while the down payment is 177,000. The monthly installment is Rs.10,000.

Things To Remember

  1. Forms are due at every branch of the BOP.
  2. The loan’s 2-year term has a duration of five years i.e 60 months.
  3. You are able to download an application form as well as an Affidavit of the applicant’s signature using the links below.
  4. The facility of insurance and tracker is included with every vehicle.
  5. Males and females alike are qualified to apply.
  6. Cut-off dates for the age limit and driving license are extended to 2024.
  7. Matric Condition was removed. The maximum age requirement is 40 years.
  8. In case of any query call on 111-267-200 or send an email to [email protected].

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2024-23

The balloting process for the arrival of the Suzuki Bolan will be conducted on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of January 2024. Delivery of the vehicles under the scheme Apna Rozgar is scheduled to begin in the second week of February 2024. Below, we have provided BOP our current position. Forget about the 2024 scheme. Suzuki Bolan Ravi delivery dates schedule for all cities in Pakistan and all the details related to it. include this article in the comments below.

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