AIOU Date Sheet 2024 Postgraduate Programs Download by Roll No Online

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU has completed the schedule adjustments for Master level classes and is now releasing the complete exam schedule. Students are informed that their AIOU Date Sheet 2024 for MA, M.SC, M.COM , MBA, M.ED and various other postgraduate degrees for the semester spring 2024 are now out, and it is possible to download the complete date sheet right here on the life. The first paper will begin on the 9th of November, 2024, and you can verify your course’s code in the following exam timetable from AIOU to determine the dates of the papers. The Roll Number Slips of AIOU 2024 for the Master Classes will be mailed to your address in the coming days. Here you can find all details related to AIOU Date Sheet 2024 as downloading process and programs list for exams.

Dates and Schedule for AIOU Date Sheet 2024

  • Start of exams: 09-11-2022 (Wednesday)
  • End of Exams: 10th December 2024 (Saturday)
  • Timing:  2.00 AM and 5.00 PM

AIOU Postgraduate Date Sheet 2024

Allama Iqbal Open University Examination Department has released the postgraduate exam date sheet 2024. The final examination for the doctoral programs is scheduled to take place in November 2024. According to the date sheet, the last examination of all the mentioned programs will begin on 9.11. 2024(Wednesday) and will continue until 10th December 2024(Saturday).  Check Also MDCAT Entry Test Date 2024 Check Online

Download AIOU Date Sheet 2024 Online: Click Here

AIOU Date Sheet 2024 Postgraduate Programs Download by Roll No Online

AIOU Date Sheet 2024

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU

Allama Iqbal Open University was founded in 1974 to serve the people of Pakistan benefit gradually. So began to implement its principles, starting with admission, intermediate, bachelor and master’s levels. The university square test students’ ability in the exams semester-wise and construct the best structure and prepare the most efficient Program, making it the fourth largest university in the world for education and study. Allama Iqbal University is one of the best among the most prominent universities in Pakistan. It was established in 1971 and was based similarly to the Open universities of the US. It was the first open university in ASIA and the world’s second-largest and most prestigious university.

The principal goal of the university is to impart education to everyone who is not connected to the resources. This type of education is also affordable, which means that anyone who is not in the circumstances can benefit from the institution. What makes it unique is the advancements in technology that allow people to stay in their homes and obtain anything they desire.

Roll No Slip of AIOU

The roll no slips are scheduled to be uploaded to the portal for students within a couple of days. Students from all postgraduate programs across Pakistan admitted to the spring semester of 2024 must download their roll slips on the CMS portal.

Centers for Exam According to AIOU Date Sheet 2024

All examinations will occur during the evening session between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm in all examination centers. All course exams will be conducted physically at the designated examination centers. Students can check their exam centers using their roll number slips.

Significance of AIOU Date Sheet 2024

The significance of a data sheet for students is only appreciated by those who have enrolled on a course. Because on a date sheet, universities will provide all information regarding the date and timing when they will take tests. Everyone knows the significance of a date book because everyone prepares themselves for examinations on a specific date. Date sheets eliminate all confusion from the minds of their applicants regarding the exam. In the past year, the entire world was isolated within its own home. There was a prohibition for individuals not to be able to meet one, and therefore, all governments ceased the process of preparing for exams. There is a concern that everyone is thinking about how many papers will be conducted this year. The date sheet has informed everyone that exams will be held this year.

The date sheet’s importance has risen due to the admission evidence in the examinations. The university stated that if a student cannot use their date sheet at the exam center. They will not permit students to sit in the exam, which makes the significance ten times more significant. This sheet will be posted on this site whenever AIOU publishes their date sheets. You are sure to check this site daily for all the details regarding the datasheets coming up. We’ll keep you updated with every detail about the AIOU registration dates, exam date sheets, application and results. It will also become the central place for all Allama students of Iqbal Open University to receive all the latest information on the school.

AIOU MA Education and M.Ed Date Sheet Spring Semester 2024

Date Day  MA Education/M.Ed Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 846-6509-6516
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 826-6502-1628
11-Nov-2022 Friday 622-829-3604
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 838
14-Nov-2022 Monday 696-3603-6515
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 835-854-6505
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 841-6573
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 831-6501-1624
18-Nov-2022 Friday 625-842-6500
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 627-845
21-Nov-2022 Monday 623-3606-6574
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 832-6552
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 695-6554
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 683-837
25-Nov-2022 Friday 843-1627-6506
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 678 -834-6507
28-Nov-2022 Monday 629
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 681
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 855
01-Dec-2022 Thursday 6555
02-Dec-2022 Friday 3608
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 840-3602-6511-1625
05-Dec-2022 Monday 1629
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 626-3601-851-6508
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 828-844-1626
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 827-850-852
09-Dec-2022 Friday 677-833-853-6553
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 847-6503

AIOU Date Sheet 2024 MA/M.Ed Special Education Spring Semester

Date Day  MA /M.Ed Special Edu. Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 846-6562
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 826-3609
11-Nov-2022 Friday 622-829-3604
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 838
14-Nov-2022 Monday 696-3603
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 835-854-3607-6505
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 841-6573
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 831
18-Nov-2022 Friday 625-842-3612
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 627-698-3614
21-Nov-2022 Monday 623-3606
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 680-6552
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 695-3605
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 683-837
25-Nov-2022 Friday 843-1627-6506
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 678-834-6507
28-Nov-2022 Monday 629-673-697
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 681
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 855-3611
01-Dec-2022 Thursday 682
02-Dec-2022 Friday 3608
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 840-3602-3610
05-Dec-2022 Monday 671-3600
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 626-851-3601
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 828
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 827-852
09-Dec-2022 Friday 677-0833-6553-853
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 672-3613

AIOU MA Urdu Date Sheet Spring Semester 2024 

Date Day  MA URDU Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5620
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 5606
11-Nov-2022 Friday 5613
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 838
14-Nov-2022 Monday 5601-5617
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 6505
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5612
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 831
18-Nov-2022 Friday 5615
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 5610
21-Nov-2022 Monday 5605
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 5603
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5609
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 837
25-Nov-2022 Friday 5622
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 5621-6507
28-Nov-2022 Monday 5623
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 5624
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 5604
01-Dec-2022 Thursday 5611
02-Dec-2022 Friday 5607
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 840
05-Dec-2022 Monday 5614
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 5602
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 5616
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 5608
09-Dec-2022 Friday 5618
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 5619

MA Islamiat Spring Semester AIOU Date Sheet 2024

Date Day  MA Islamiat Codes
09-Nov-2022 Wednesday 2624-4618-4635
10-Nov-2022 Thursday 2625-4603
11-Nov-2022 Friday 2621-4594-4637
12-Nov-2022 Saturday 2622-4620
14-Nov-2022 Monday 4612-4623-4636
15-Nov-2022 Tuesday 2626-4591
16-Nov-2022 Wednesday 4596-4615
17-Nov-2022 Thursday 4601
18-Nov-2022 Friday 4631
19-Nov-2022 Saturday 4640
21-Nov-2022 Monday 4605-4626
22-Nov-2022 Tuesday 4546-4611-4630
23-Nov-2022 Wednesday 2629-4616-4628
24-Nov-2022 Thursday 2627-4614-4629
25-Nov-2022 Friday 2630-4619-4627
26-Nov-2022 Saturday 4617-4625-4633
28-Nov-2022 Monday 2631-4576-4593
29-Nov-2022 Tuesday 4607-4621
30-Nov-2022 Wednesday 4622-4624
01-Dec-2022 Thursday
02-Dec-2022 Friday
03-Dec-2022 Saturday 4632
05-Dec-2022 Monday 2632-4604
06-Dec-2022 Tuesday 4602-4610
07-Dec-2022 Wednesday 4639
08-Dec-2022 Thursday 4613
09-Dec-2022 Friday 4592-4606-4608
10-Dec-2022 Saturday 2628-4638

AIOU Date Sheet 2024 Download by Roll Number

Enter your roll number to access your exam for the class. In addition, the students in the 3rd and 4th years can download AIOU’s date sheet for 2024 based on their Roll Number.

Programs for Exams

  • The final examination of PGD(CS/HRM)
  • PGD (SCM/Entrepreneurship)
  • MBA, M.Com, MBA/MPA(Col)
  • MSc Admin Sciences
  • MA Arabic
  • MLIS
  • MA Urdu
  • MSC Pak Studies
  • MA History
  • PGD/ECE/MA Education/M.Ed
  • MA/M.Ed Special education
  • MSc Economics
  • PGD/MSc (Gender & Women Studies)
  • PGD PGD Criminology
  • Population & Development / MSc Sociology
  • PGD/MSc Mass Communication
  • PGD/MSc Public Nutrition
  • PGD (EHS)/MSc Sustainable Environmental Design and
  • MSc Forestry

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